Welcome to Tirumala Water Works 

Contractors for Apartments in Hyderabad Since 09 years. And We Provide Only One Meter For One Flat if How many Inlets 
Example -- 2,3 Inlets (Or)  4 Inlets...

Our Services:

Only One Meter For One Flat,

Individual Pipe Lining.

G.A to CPVC Conversion,

Annual Maintenance Services.

Meter Features:

Dry Dial, Magnetic Dial.
Interchangeable Spare Parts for easy maintenance.
Vacuum sealed register for clear reading in longer run.
High Sensitivity, low pressure loss.
Selected High Quality Material for Durability.

Our Experience:

We are the Leading TOP Rated Mainstrem WATER METER 
Separate Meter for Each Flat, Separate Pipe Lines for Each Flat.We have 09 years of experience planning, managing, and executing of Water Meter projects for Apartments in Hyderabad,& Rest of Telangana. 

Our Team is professional and Reliable, and we will work within your constraints. We always stay on the job until it's done to your Association Requirements. 

Thank you....